When Renovo Technologies was established, the company had one clear goal: to create premium insecticide solutions customised for the unique environmental challenges faced by pest controllers in New Zealand. Initially, these specialised products entered the market through strategic partnerships with local businesses. 

Driven by a vision to address New Zealand's distinct pest control needs, Mark Linton, Renovo's Managing Director, recognised a gap in the market for New Zealand products, rather than relying on generic global solutions, Renovo committed itself to formulating chemical products for the specific requirements of local markets while also using advanced technologies to provide better performing and safer products, than those already available. 

Over time, Renovo's dedication to innovation and customisation increased its growth significantly. The companies commercial presence expanded rapidly, offering a diverse range of products to meet various pest control demands. Today, Renovo is a trusted partner for B2B clients, providing a comprehensive portfolio of products formulated, developed, and rigorously tested to meet the high standards of the New Zealand regulations. 

Each Renovo product undergoes thorough formulation, development, and testing to ensure effectiveness, safety,  and environmental responsibility before being registered in the New Zealand and Australian markets. These carefully developed solutions integrate into the branding of Renovo's B2B partners, demonstrating a dedicated commitment to delivering excellence under their own commercial and consumer brands. 

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