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Renovo Technologies can offer a custom product development and manufacturing service for those businesses who do not have these capabilities.

It may seem surprising, but there is not much difference between a pesticide, cosmetic, cleaning product or paint in terms of the excipient (non active) constituents, the development pathway or the manufacturing process. We are capable of developing and manufacturing any liquid chemical product to suit any market need.

We will work with you to understand exactly what you want from a product in terms of performance, attributes, price point and market. We will then design and develop the product and after your evaluation and approval we can assist in registration, if it is required for your product. As an example, in we Zealand all hazardous substances require EPA approval, and most substances are hazardous in some manner according to the regulations today. We are well versed in the requirements for EPA approval and will gain this approval for you. For other regulatory requirements we can provide chemistry data and may be able to provide some biology data.

Following registration, you design the label artwork for your own brand, we will get the labels printed, manufacture and pack the product. We have a range of pack sizes available and some unique pack moulds which are our own property that are available for our customer to use. 

If you have an idea, opportunity, or simply want to have your own brand as a distributor, we can help. Contact us to discuss your needs